We help your business digital transform using data-driven approach.

We are an IT group specialised in data management. We can help you integrate IT solutions in all industries.

SSC IT Group are made up of 3 specialist companies.
We help turn datas in to actionable insights!

With over 20 years experience in Data managment, we help you improve data producitivity, operational cost and efficiency by utilizing datas.
Your partner for securing privacy data to business advance analytics. Be our business partners to offer licenses for your clients.
Specific operational excellence solutions for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals Industry and utilities.

SSC Integration

Need help with data management, data security or data quality?

Improve Data Productivity

Be more organized and productive with your reliable datas.

Aligned to Privacy Protection (PDPA)

Ensure your information stay secure and protected from cyber theft.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Respond efficiently to the market changes and competitive strategy.

Organization Data Governance

Ensure data accuracy and quality to make the right decision.


Are you a business partner who wants to bring data solutions to your customers?

Solutions Consultant

We help recommend and provide many solutions related to data to your customers.

Privacy Data & Data Security

We provide privacy data protection (PDPA), PCI/DSS and data security solutions to your customers.

Data Science Service

We have data scientists to guide you and help with data analysis.

NLP & Conversational Analytics

We provide advance AI/ML analytics tool by using NLP technology and as well as using conversational techniques to the market.

Red Basket

Are you in oil & gas or petrochemicals industry? Get ready for Industry 4.0

Risk Management in Power Plant

Reduce risk and major accidents with our risk management software.

Improve Plant Operations

Power Plant management software help increase operation efficiency.

Increase safety in Power Plant

Is your plant up the standard safety regulations?

Visualise and predict workflow

Our predictive AI tool allows you to take the next steps.

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